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SG-18111   White heart sunglasses with black lens ADULT
NL-11696   White lace choker
NL-11498   White multi strand felt choker
SG-18113   White oval rimmed sunglasses with black lens ADULT
ER-15048   White pearl front back earrings
SG-18087   White pointed sunglasses with purple lens ADULT
ER-15228   White rhinestone tassel earrings
SG-18116   White rimmed heart sunglassses ADULT
PU-80156   White snakeskin pattern coin purse/wallet
NL-11698   White sparkly pendant necklace
BA-12464   White tassel bracelet with zipper
PU-80145   White to pink flip/reversible sequin mermaid tail purse
NL-11745   White unicorn pendant necklace
MN-15169   Woven black and white bracelet
MN-15171   Woven black bracelet
MN-15335   Woven black, brown and white cord bracelet
MN-15334   Woven brown and khaki cord bracelet
MN-15212   Woven brown bracelet
MN-15333   Woven gray and white cord bracelet
MN-15170   Woven red bracelet
MN-15172   Woven white bracelet
MN-15213   Woven yellow bracelet
ER-15270   Yellow and gold flower post earrings
BT-10125   Yellow and white flower belly ring
HR-16363   Yellow hair bow with white flowers
SG-18119   Yellow rimmed heart sunglasses ADULT
NL-12130   Yellow sunflower necklace with matching earrings

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