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HR-16189   Gold hairpin with bumblebee charm (1 piece)
BT-10106   Gold hand belly ring
ER-14577   Gold heart earrings
ER-14675   Gold heart earrings
NL-11727   Gold heart lariat necklace
NL-11668   Gold heart music note pendant necklace
NL-11739   Gold heart necklace
NL-11861   Gold heart necklace
NL-11759   Gold heart pendant necklace
ER-14525   Gold heart with rhinestone earrings
NL-11416   Gold hollow flowers statement necklace
ER-14744   Gold hoop earrings with colorful wood squares
ER-14660   Gold hoop earrings with rhinestones
ER-14657   Gold hoop earrings with wavy details
TA-17242   Gold infinity anklet with blue beads
HR-16098   Gold infinity hair barrette
HR-16227   Gold kitty hair barrette
NL-11729   Gold lariat necklace with moon and star
TA-17303   Gold layered anklet with pineapple charm
NL-11388   Gold layered chain necklace
TA-17230   Gold leaf anklet with pearl bead
ER-14780   Gold leaf earrings
ER-14790   Gold leaf earrings
HR-16186   Gold leaf hairpin with multi colored pearls
NL-11378   Gold leaf multi layer chain necklace
NL-11820   Gold lizard chameleon pendant necklace
NL-11723   Gold love arrow necklace
BA-12372   Gold love cuff bracelet
HR-16090   Gold metal butterfly hair clip
NL-11810   Gold moon pendant necklace
ER-14747   Gold mouse earrings
NL-11392   Gold multi layered chain necklace
NL-11376   Gold necklace with black bead pendant
NL-11463   Gold necklace with blue beads
NL-11711   Gold necklace with blue rhinestone pendant
NL-11634   Gold necklace with blue simulated stone
NL-11869   Gold necklace with blue tassel
NL-11851   Gold necklace with bunny pendant
NL-11710   Gold necklace with clear rhinestone pendant
NL-11652   Gold necklace with gray simulated stone
NL-11870   Gold necklace with hot pink tassel
NL-11850   Gold necklace with llama unicorn pendant
NL-11854   Gold necklace with pink and white pendant
NL-11781   Gold necklace with pink and white seashell pendant
NL-11633   Gold necklace with pink simulated stone
NL-11871   Gold necklace with pink tassel
NL-11855   Gold necklace with purple and blue firefly pendant
NL-11782   Gold necklace with purple and white seashell pendant
NL-11653   Gold necklace with purple simulated stone
NL-11852   Gold necklace with rainbow pendant
NL-11856   Gold necklace with red crab pendant
NL-11631   Gold necklace with shamrock pendant
NL-11908   Gold necklace with shell and pearl pendant
NL-11872   Gold necklace with silver/gray tassel
NL-11651   Gold necklace with tan simulated stone
NL-11783   Gold necklace with teal and white seashell pendant
NL-11847   Gold necklace with unicorn pendant
NL-11377   Gold necklace with white bead pendant
NL-11853   Gold necklace with white heart and rainbow pendant
NL-11873   Gold necklace with white tassel
NL-11822   Gold owl pendant necklace
RA-13291   Gold peace ring size 4
ER-14587   Gold phoenix drop earrings
TA-17330   Gold pineapple anklet
BA-12688   Gold pineapple bracelet with black simulated stone
BA-12689   Gold pineapple bracelet with white simulated stone
BA-12651   Gold pineapple cuff bracelet
ER-14645   Gold pineapple earrings
RA-13539   Gold pineapple ring-size 6
NL-11836   Gold pumpkin pendant necklace
ER-14260   Gold rhinestone flower earrings
PT-12090   Gold rimmed pet sunglasses with black lens
PT-12087   Gold rimmed pet sunglasses with yellow lens
RA-13245   Gold ring with black and pearl beads - size 6
RA-13225   Gold ring with pearl beads - size 6
RA-13239   Gold ring with pearl cluster - size 6
NL-11280   Gold rope statement necklace
ER-14869   Gold round post earrings with white simulated stone
NL-11791   Gold seashell choker necklace
NL-11835   Gold seashell pendant necklace
ER-14853   Gold shell post earrings with pearl bead
NL-11361   Gold skeleton pendant necklace
NL-11917   Gold sloth pendant necklace
NL-11672   Gold sparkly pendant necklace
ER-14870   Gold square post earrings with white simulated stone
ER-14702   Gold star earrings
NL-11649   Gold star necklace
NL-11411   Gold star necklace with pearl detail
NL-11412   Gold star necklace with pearl detail
NL-11220   Gold statement necklace
NL-11238   Gold statement necklace
NL-11776   Gold stegasaurus dinosaur pendant necklace
NL-11814   Gold sun pendant necklace
ER-14611   Gold sunburst earrings
ER-14590   Gold swirl earrings with blue rhinestone
ER-14593   Gold swirl earrings with detail
ER-14592   Gold swirl earrings with hearts
ER-14594   Gold swirl leaf earrings
ER-14395   Gold swirl pearl and rhinestone earrings
ER-14865   Gold thin bar post earrings
ER-14689   Gold triangle earrings
ER-14713   Gold triangle earrings with simulated stone
ER-14673   Gold triangle earrings with white stone
HR-16033   Gold triangle hair tie
ER-14868   Gold triangle post earrings with white simulated stone
ER-14235   Gold triangle posts with pearl bead
NL-11646   Gold triple heart necklace
NL-11864   Gold triple heart necklace
NL-11826   Gold turtle pendant necklace
ER-14773   Gold unicorn post earrings with silver glitter
NL-11599   Gold wanderlust pendant necklace
BA-12153   Gold wings charm bracelet with red heart rhinestones
ER-14529   Gold zipper post earrings
NL-11429   Gold, multi colored rhinestone statement necklace
BA-12256   Gold, pearl, black and rhinestone 5 piece bracelet set
BA-12292   Gold, pearl, pink and rhinestone 5 piece bracelet set
HR-16124   Gray and black hair barrette with flowers
ER-14816   Gray and white rectangle acrylic earrings
ER-14650   Gray rhinestone tassel earrings
MN-15204   Gray silicone ring - size 10
MN-15205   Gray silicone ring - size 11
MN-15206   Gray silicone ring - size 12
BA-12460   Gray stone and rhinestone bracelet
NL-11674   Green and blue eye pendant necklace
ER-14548   Green and blue eye post earrings
ER-14242   Green and gold triangle post earrings
TA-17334   Green and silver beaded foot jewelry
BA-12479   Green and white beaded bracelet
PT-12104   Green bandanna collar 11-13 inches
PT-12108   Green bandanna pet collar 9 - 11 inches
BA-12485   Green beaded bracelet with elephant charm
ER-14843   Green carved wood teardrop earrings
ER-14570   Green Christmas tree earrings
BA-12664   Green cord bracelet with dragonfly charm
BA-12418   Green cord bracelet with silver shamrock charm
PT-12163   Green pet collar with paw prints 7 - 12 inches
MN-15194   Green prayer beads bracelet/necklace
NL-11742   Green rhinestone pendant necklace
BA-12462   Green tassel bracelet with zipper
PU-80185   Green to silver flip/reversible sequin heart purse
PU-80142   Green to silver flip/reversible sequin mermaid tail purse
BA-12481   Green/blue beaded bracelet
PU-80001   Grumpy cat coin purse/wallet
BA-12573   Halloween ghosts and graveyard bracelet
BA-12572   Halloween pumpkin head figure bracelet
BA-12574   Halloween trick or treat bracelet
ER-14557   Haunted house and bat earrings
NL-11609   Haunted house pendant on black chain
ER-14555   Haunted house, cat and moon earrings
BT-10149   Heart with music note silver belly ring
RA-13472   Heartbeat mood ring-size 6
RA-13473   Heartbeat mood ring-size 7
MN-15021   Hematite stretch bracelet
MN-15175   Hematite stretch bracelet
ER-14599   Hoop earrings with crystal hearts
PU-80004   Hot pink and black wristlet/clutch purse with hearts
BA-12383   Hot pink buckle bracelet
ER-14845   Hot pink carved wood round earrings
ER-14839   Hot pink carved wood teardrop earrings
HR-16150   Hot pink cat ears headband
PT-12001   Hot pink collar with bow size 11 - 13.5 inches
PT-12079   Hot pink collar with flowers size 11 - 14.5 inches
PT-12082   Hot pink collar with flowers size 8 - 10 inches
HR-16139   Hot pink hair tie with pearl bead, set of 2
NL-11569   Hot pink pendant necklace with mermaid charm
PU-80124   Hot pink purse/makeup bag with unicorns
PU-80157   Hot pink snakeskin pattern coin purse/wallet
NL-11423   Hot pink statement necklace
NL-11178   Hot pink triangle necklace
PU-80051   Hot pink zippered bag
NL-11880   Hula minion pendant necklace
BA-12627   January birthstone charm bracelet
BA-12633   July birthstone charm bracelet
ER-14522   Ladybug post earrings
PU-80167   Large American coin purse/wallet
NL-11640   Large blue butterfly pendant necklace
PU-80174   Large blue metallic mermaid coin purse/wallet/cosmetic bag
PU-80159   Large blue wallet/coin purse with HOLA! llama/alpaca
ER-14716   Large clear brown acrylic hoop earrings
ER-14717   Large cream colored acrylic hoop earrings
HR-16231   Large glitter dinosaur hair clip
BA-12336   Large gold cuff wire bracelet
PU-80110   Large hedgehog coin purse
PU-80173   Large hot pink metallic mermaid coin purse/wallet/cosmetic bag
RA-13492   Large oval rhinestone ring-size 10
RA-13489   Large oval rhinestone ring-size 6
RA-13490   Large oval rhinestone ring-size 7
RA-13491   Large oval rhinestone ring-size 8
ER-14244   Large pearl post earrings with rhinestone back
PU-80105   Large pink and white flamingo coin purse
PU-80106   Large pink and white flamingo coin purse
PU-80109   Large polar bear coin purse
PU-80175   Large rose gold metallic mermaid coin purse/wallet/cosmetic bag
PU-80074   Large silver coin purse
BA-12337   Large silver cuff wire bracelet
PU-80176   Large silver metallic mermaid coin purse/wallet/cosmetic bag
PU-80179   Large soft flip/reversible pineapple sequin zippered coin purse
PU-80177   Large soft flip/reversible sequin zippered coin purse pink/white
PU-80178   Large soft flip/reversible sequin zippered coin purse rainbow/silver
PU-80180   Large soft flip/reversible strawberry sequin zippered coin purse

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