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MN-15356   Silver band ring with wood and shell inlay - size 11
MN-15368   Silver band ring with wood and shell inlay - size 11
MN-15369   Silver band ring with wood and shell inlay - size 12
MN-15370   Silver band ring with wood and shell inlay - size 13
BA-12940   Silver bangle bracelet
ER-15834   Silver batman post earrings
ER-16015   Silver beaded chevron earrings with pearl
BA-13240   Silver beads bracelet
NL-12377   Silver beagle dog breed pendant necklace
NL-12443   Silver bee pendant necklace
ER-15830   Silver bee post earrings
NL-12558   Silver bird and leaf lariat necklace
ER-15821   Silver bird post earrings
ER-15805   Silver bolt post earrings
NL-11532   Silver bottle with blue heart necklace
NL-11907   Silver bottle with light pink heart necklace
NL-11685   Silver bottle with pink heart necklace
NL-11686   Silver bottle with purple heart necklace
BA-13242   Silver box link bracelet
BA-13238   Silver bracelet
BA-13000   Silver bracelet with black beads and butterfly charms
BA-13157   Silver bracelet with beads
BA-13009   Silver bracelet with black beads and heart charms
BA-13094   Silver bracelet with blue beads and bee and heart charms
BA-12995   Silver bracelet with blue beads and dragonfly/heart charms
BA-13023   Silver bracelet with blue beads and tree "my family my love" charms
BA-13027   Silver bracelet with blue beads and tree/clover charms
BA-13236   Silver bracelet with butterfly charms
BA-13004   Silver bracelet with clear beads and bees/heart charms
BA-13156   Silver bracelet with cubes
BA-13219   Silver bracelet with dragonfly charm sterling silver plated
BA-13218   Silver bracelet with flower sterling silver plated
BA-13158   Silver bracelet with hearts
BA-13221   Silver bracelet with hearts and flowers sterling silver plated
BA-13220   Silver bracelet with hearts sterling silver plated
BA-13235   Silver bracelet with love heart charms
BA-13024   Silver bracelet with navy blue beads and tree "my family my love" charms
BA-13237   Silver bracelet with shamrock charms
BA-13100   Silver bracelet with tan beads and beads/heart/butterfly charms
BA-13010   Silver bracelet with white beads and heart charms
ER-16063   Silver butterfly earrings
ER-16134   Silver butterfly earrings
ER-16227   Silver butterfly earrings
ER-16258   Silver butterfly earrings
ER-16259   Silver butterfly earrings
ER-16260   Silver butterfly earrings
NL-12546   Silver butterfly pendant necklace
NL-12539   Silver butterfly pendant necklace with purple rhinestones
NL-12538   Silver butterfly pendant necklace with rhinestones
ER-15820   Silver butterfly post earrings
RA-14085   Silver butterfly ring with rhinestone - size 8
ER-16232   Silver cactus earrings
ER-15832   Silver cat and mouse post earrings
ER-16397   Silver cat and paw earrings
ER-15813   Silver cat post earrings
ER-15815   Silver cat post earrings
ER-15818   Silver cat post earrings
ER-15822   Silver cat post earrings
ER-15823   Silver cat post earrings
ER-15833   Silver cat post earrings
ER-15990   Silver cat post earrings
ER-15991   Silver cat post earrings
ER-16474   Silver celestial earrings with sun and moon
NL-12564   Silver celestial pendant necklace with sun and moon
BA-13244   Silver chain link bracelet
BA-13222   Silver chain link bracelet sterling silver plated
BA-13223   Silver chain link heart and arrow bracelet sterling silver plated
TA-17414   Silver chain link toe ring
NL-12405   Silver choker necklace with butterflies and stars
ER-14968   Silver circle earrings
ER-15767   Silver circle post earrings
ER-14966   Silver circle swirl earrings
ER-16244   Silver cross earrings
ER-16245   Silver cross earrings
ER-16246   Silver cross earrings
ER-16247   Silver cross earrings
NL-12401   Silver cross pendant necklace
NL-12548   Silver cross pendant necklace
NL-12540   Silver dainty rhinestone pendant necklace
ER-16446   Silver dangle moon and star earrings with clear crystal
ER-16448   Silver dangle moon and star earrings with pink crystal
ER-16447   Silver dangle moon and star earrings with silver crystal
BA-13160   Silver double chain heart charm bracelet
ER-16234   Silver dove earrings
ER-16235   Silver dove earrings
BA-13224   Silver dragonfly bracelet sterling silver plated
ER-16275   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-16276   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-16277   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-16278   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-16279   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-16280   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-16281   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-16282   Silver dragonfly earrings
ER-14380   Silver dragonfly earrings with rhinestone
BA-12922   Silver dragonfly slider clasp bracelet
ER-16421   Silver earring jackets with rhinestones
ER-16422   Silver earring jackets with rhinestones
ER-14965   Silver earrings
ER-16059   Silver earrings
ER-16442   Silver earrings with blue and orange detail
ER-14693   Silver earrings with flowers and pearls
ER-16402   Silver earrings with irridescent bead
ER-16117   Silver earrings with irridescent beads
ER-16207   Silver earrings with pearls
ER-16208   Silver earrings with pearls
ER-16420   Silver earrings with pearls
ER-16450   Silver earrings with purple amethyst stone
ER-16076   Silver earrings with rhinestones
ER-16113   Silver earrings with rhinestones
ER-16114   Silver earrings with rhinestones
ER-16115   Silver earrings with rhinestones
ER-16116   Silver earrings with stars
ER-16387   Silver earrings with white and turquoise detail
ER-16228   Silver elephant earrings
NL-12429   Silver elephant pendant necklace with blue resin
ER-15824   Silver elephant post earrings
ER-15829   Silver elephant post earrings
NL-11846   Silver english bulldog dog breed pendant necklace
ER-16062   Silver fairy tinkerbell earrings
ER-16242   Silver feather earrings
NL-12441   Silver feather necklace on brown adjustable cord
ER-16053   Silver feather post earrings
ER-15837   Silver flamingo post earrings
BA-13243   Silver flat link bracelet
ER-16425   Silver flower earring jackets with pearl bead
ER-14191   Silver flower earrings
ER-16261   Silver flower earrings
ER-16263   Silver flower earrings
ER-16264   Silver flower earrings
ER-16265   Silver flower earrings
ER-15794   Silver flower post earrings
TA-17478   Silver flower toe ring
NL-11840   Silver french bulldog or boston terrier dog breed pendant necklace
ER-16248   Silver gecko earrings
KC-17062   Silver glitter acrylic koala with sunglasses keychain
ER-14431   Silver glitter swirl earrings
NL-11838   Silver golden retriever dog breed pendant necklace
MN-15045   Silver guitar on black cord necklace
BA-12863   Silver hand jewelry with blue beads
BA-13234   Silver happy face charm bracelet
BA-13154   Silver heart bracelet
NL-12509   Silver heart choker necklace
ER-14458   Silver heart earrings
ER-16067   Silver heart earrings
ER-16099   Silver heart earrings
ER-16225   Silver heart earrings
ER-16283   Silver heart earrings
ER-16290   Silver heart earrings
ER-16291   Silver heart earrings
ER-16293   Silver heart earrings
ER-16294   Silver heart earrings
ER-16288   Silver heart earrings with butterfly
ER-16289   Silver heart earrings with flowers
ER-16295   Silver heart earrings with flowers
ER-16285   Silver heart earrings with infinity
ER-14930   Silver heart earrings with paws
ER-16284   Silver heart earrings with rose
ER-16286   Silver heart earrings with tree
ER-16292   Silver heart earrings with tree
ER-16287   Silver heart earrings with wings
NL-12319   Silver heart lariat necklace
NL-12486   Silver heart lariat pendant necklace
NL-11650   Silver heart necklace
NL-11481   Silver heart pendant necklace
NL-12058   Silver heart pendant necklace
NL-12478   Silver heart pendant necklace
NL-12479   Silver heart pendant necklace
NL-12481   Silver heart pendant necklace
ER-15783   Silver heart post earrings
RA-13811   Silver heart ring - size 6
ER-16230   Silver heart wings earrings
NL-12542   Silver heart with purple rhinestone pendant necklace
NL-11397   Silver heartbeat pendant necklace
BA-13246   Silver hearts bracelet
NL-12557   Silver hearts choker necklace
BA-13245   Silver hearts with wings bracelet
ER-14953   Silver hoop earrings
ER-16219   Silver hoop earrings
NL-11625   Silver infinity and cross lariat necklace
NL-12545   Silver infinity mom pendant necklace
NL-12483   Silver infinity with wings pendant necklace
NL-11837   Silver labrador dog breed pendant necklace
ER-16253   Silver large turtle earrings
BA-13247   Silver lariat bracelet with hearts
ER-14409   Silver leaf earrings
ER-14491   Silver leaf earrings
ER-15961   Silver leaf earrings
ER-16351   Silver leaf earrings with blue rhinestone
ER-16354   Silver leaf earrings with green rhinestone
ER-16352   Silver leaf earrings with purple rhinestone
NL-12559   Silver leaf lariat necklace with pearls
NL-12362   Silver leaf necklace with mama bird and 1 chick
NL-12364   Silver leaf necklace with mama bird and 3 chicks
NL-12477   Silver leaf pendant necklace
BA-13239   Silver links bracelet
ER-16249   Silver lizard earrings
NL-11470   Silver locket heart necklace
ER-16424   Silver lotus earring jackets with turquoise bead
NL-12361   Silver Mama Bear bar necklace with 5 cubs

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