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BA-12535   Silver beach charm bracelet with turtles and shells
TA-17304   Silver beaded adjustable anklet with starfish
BA-12272   Silver beaded cuff bracelet
BA-12717   Silver beaded elephant charm bracelet with blue rhinestone beads
BA-12714   Silver beaded elephant charm bracelet with purple rhinestone beads
NL-11622   Silver bee pendant necklace
NL-11440   Silver best friends necklace set
NL-11399   Silver bird necklace with pearl detail
RA-13335   Silver bohemian ring-size 5
ER-14339   Silver bohemian style earrings
TA-17298   Silver boho anklet with ball charms
ER-14499   Silver boho earrings
ER-14546   Silver boho earrings
ER-14698   Silver boho earrings
ER-14676   Silver boho earrings with rhinestones
NL-11532   Silver bottle with blue heart necklace
NL-11906   Silver bottle with heart necklace
NL-11907   Silver bottle with light pink heart necklace
NL-11685   Silver bottle with pink heart necklace
NL-11845   Silver boxer pendant necklace
BA-12385   Silver bracelet
BA-12752   Silver bracelet pink cancer awareness charms
BA-12599   Silver bracelet with arrow charm
BA-12751   Silver bracelet with autism pendant
BA-12750   Silver bracelet with blue butterfly
BA-12623   Silver bracelet with blue charm
BA-12624   Silver bracelet with brown charm
BA-12388   Silver bracelet with clear rhinestones
BA-12606   Silver bracelet with heart charm
BA-12608   Silver bracelet with lips charm
BA-12603   Silver bracelet with LOVE charm
BA-12610   Silver bracelet with LOVE charm
BA-12344   Silver bracelet with music notes
BA-12611   Silver bracelet with owl charm
BA-12692   Silver bracelet with paw and heart
BA-12604   Silver bracelet with peace heart charm
BA-12710   Silver bracelet with pearl beads and heart charm
BA-12709   Silver bracelet with pearl beads and wing charm
BA-12332   Silver bracelet with pearl detail
BA-12622   Silver bracelet with pink charm
BA-12389   Silver bracelet with purple rhinestones
BA-12601   Silver bracelet with rudder charm
RA-13558   Silver braided ring - size 10
RA-13555   Silver braided ring - size 6
RA-13556   Silver braided ring - size 7
RA-13557   Silver braided ring - size 8
ER-14829   Silver bunny post earrings
TA-17319   Silver butterfly anklet
BT-10080   Silver butterfly belly ring with pink rhinestones
BA-12391   Silver butterfly bracelet with blue beads
ER-14366   Silver butterfly earrings
ER-14373   Silver butterfly earrings
NL-11457   Silver butterfly pendant charm
RA-13504   Silver butterfly ring with blue glitter resin-size 10
RA-13501   Silver butterfly ring with blue glitter resin-size 7
RA-13502   Silver butterfly ring with blue glitter resin-size 8
RA-13503   Silver butterfly ring with blue glitter resin-size 9
RA-13538   Silver butterfly ring-size 6
NL-11811   Silver cactus pendant necklace
RA-13541   Silver cactus ring with blue rhinestones-size 6
RA-13542   Silver cactus ring-size 7
NL-11444   Silver cat charm (chain not included)
ER-14640   Silver cat with pearl post earrings
BA-12369   Silver charm bracelet
BA-12720   Silver charm bracelet with blue beads
BA-12724   Silver charm bracelet with blue beads
BA-12723   Silver charm bracelet with pink beads
BA-12722   Silver charm bracelet with white beads
NL-11528   Silver circle choker necklace
ER-14444   Silver circle earrings with detail
ER-14647   Silver circle earrings with rhinestones
ER-14850   Silver colored leather earrings
NL-11821   Silver crab pendant necklace
RA-13545   Silver crab ring-size 6
MN-15057   Silver cross pendant on cord necklace
TA-17231   Silver cube anklet
BA-12299   Silver cuff bracelet with blue detail
BA-12371   Silver cuff bracelet with moon and blue bead
TA-17263   Silver double chain anklet with pearl beads and infinity charm
RA-13228   Silver double circle ring - size 4
NL-11732   Silver double heart pendant (chain NOT included)
TA-17326   Silver double layered anklet with charms
NL-11538   Silver double strand necklace with teardrop pendant
TA-17300   Silver dragonfly anklet with pearl beads
ER-14380   Silver dragonfly earrings
BT-10090   Silver dreamcatcher belly ring with blue bead
ER-14351   Silver dreamcatcher earrings with blue bead
ER-14429   Silver dreamcatcher earrings with blue beads
ER-14328   Silver dreamcatcher earrings with feathers
NL-11681   Silver dreamcatcher pendant necklace with blue bead
NL-11395   Silver dreamcatcher pendant necklace with blue beads
ER-14434   Silver dreamcatcher post earrings
ER-14337   Silver earrings
ER-14580   Silver earrings
ER-14854   Silver earrings with blue rhinestones
ER-14508   Silver earrings with feathers
ER-14693   Silver earrings with flowers and pearls
ER-14695   Silver earrings with pearl
ER-14644   Silver earrings with purple rhinestones
ER-14692   Silver earrings with rhinestones
ER-14474   Silver earrings with stars
NL-11817   Silver earth pendant necklace
BA-12704   Silver elephant bracelet with blue beads
BA-12711   Silver elephant charm bracelet
NL-11545   Silver elephant charm necklace
ER-14694   Silver elephant earrings with blue bead
NL-11709   Silver elephant pendant necklace
NL-11846   Silver english bulldog pendant necklace
RA-13217   SIlver engraved triangle ring
TA-17276   Silver feather anklet with blue bead
ER-14329   Silver feather earrings with blue bead
NL-11523   Silver feather penant necklace
NL-11469   Silver feather pendant necklace
RA-13543   Silver fleur-de-lis ring-size 7
BA-12322   Silver flower bracelet
ER-14191   Silver flower earrings
TA-17281   Silver foot jewelry (1 piece)
TA-17294   Silver foot jewelry with blue beads (1 piece)
TA-17249   Silver foot jewelry, 1 piece
TA-17252   Silver foot jewelry, 1 piece
NL-11840   Silver french bulldog or boston terrier pendant necklace
ER-14437   Silver geometric pattern earrings
ER-14438   Silver geometric triangle earrings
NL-11843   Silver german shepherd pendant necklace
NL-11780   Silver giraffe pendant necklace
ER-14431   Silver glitter swirl earrings
NL-11838   Silver golden retriever pendant necklace
MN-15045   Silver guitar on black cord necklace
BT-10095   Silver hand belly ring
BA-12499   Silver hand jewelry with blue bead
BA-12571   Silver Happy Halloween bracelet
TA-17214   Silver heart anklet
ER-14578   Silver heart earrings
ER-14542   Silver heart earrings with carving detail
NL-11669   Silver heart music note pendant necklace
NL-11650   Silver heart necklace
NL-11860   Silver heart necklace
NL-11642   Silver heart pendant with paw
RA-13546   Silver heart ring-size 7
NL-11804   Silver heart with butterfly pendant necklace
NL-11520   Silver heart with paw print charm necklace
NL-11397   Silver heartbeat pendant necklace
ER-14658   Silver hoop earrings with rhinestone detail
ER-14591   Silver hoop earrings with wavy details
NL-11823   Silver hummingbird pendant necklace
NL-11625   Silver infinity and cross lariat necklace
BA-12285   Silver infinity bracelet
HR-16200   Silver infinity hair barrette
RA-13544   Silver jewish star ring-size 6
HR-16226   Silver kitty hair barrette
NL-11837   Silver labrador pendant necklace
TA-17302   Silver layered anklet with pineapple charm
NL-11297   Silver layered chain necklace
NL-11575   Silver layered necklace with charms
TA-17337   Silver leaf anklet with pearl bead
ER-14346   Silver leaf earrings
ER-14409   Silver leaf earrings
ER-14411   Silver leaf earrings
ER-14491   Silver leaf earrings
ER-14782   Silver leaf earrings
ER-14792   Silver leaf earrings
NL-11351   Silver leaf lariat necklace with pearl beads
NL-11544   Silver leaf multi layer chain necklace
NL-11705   Silver leaf pendant necklace
NL-11819   Silver lizard chameleon pendant necklace
ER-14596   Silver lotus flower earrings
ER-14822   Silver lotus flower post earrings
NL-11722   Silver love arrow necklace
BA-12346   Silver love cuff bracelet
HR-16053   Silver metal headband with pearls and rhinestones
HR-16054   Silver metal headband with rhinestones
NL-11553   Silver MOM heart necklace with blue rhinestones
NL-11555   Silver MOM heart necklace with clear rhinestones
NL-11554   Silver MOM heart necklace with pink rhinestones
NL-11679   Silver mom pendant necklace with rhinestones
BT-10109   Silver moon and owl belly ring
HR-16084   Silver moon hair barette with rhinestones
NL-11809   Silver moon pendant necklace
NL-11678   Silver mother and daughter pendant necklace
ER-14748   Silver mouse earrings
NL-11466   Silver mouse pendant necklace
NL-11547   Silver music note pendant (chain NOT included)
NL-11556   Silver NANA heart necklace with pink rhinestones
NL-11832   Silver necklace with blue glitter elephant pendant
NL-11591   Silver necklace with hollow tail charm
NL-11588   Silver necklace with mermaid charm
NL-11849   Silver necklace with rainbow flower pendant
NL-11414   Silver necklace with rhinestone key charm
NL-11630   Silver necklace with shamrock pendant
NL-11589   Silver necklace with shell and pearl pendant
NL-11833   Silver necklace with silver acorn pendant
NL-11590   Silver necklace with tail charm
NL-11587   Silver necklace with unicorn charm
NL-11831   Silver necklace with white glitter cactus pendant
ER-14828   Silver octopus post earrings
BA-12693   Silver owl bracelet
BA-12694   Silver owl bracelet
BA-12748   Silver owl bracelet
ER-14547   Silver owl earrings
NL-11733   Silver owl pendant (chain NOT included)

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