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PU-80090   Snakeskin pattern blue wristlet/clutch purse
PU-80087   Snakeskin pattern hot pink wristlet/clutch purse
PU-80111   Snakeskin pattern pink wristlet/clutch purse
PU-80091   Snakeskin pattern red wristlet/clutch purse
PU-80089   Snakeskin pattern white wristlet/clutch purse
ER-14563   Snowman earrings
ER-14564   Snowman earrings
ER-14569   Snowman earrings
ER-14565   Snowman earrings with trees
ER-14568   Snowman face earrings
ER-14567   Snowman with broom earrings
BA-12379   Soft black bracelet with snaps
BA-12381   Soft blue bracelet with snaps
BA-12382   Soft brown bracelet with snaps
HR-16129   Soft gray headband with ears
BA-12380   Soft white bracelet with snaps
PU-80000   Space cat coin purse/wallet
MN-15133   Spiderman pendant necklace
PU-80119   Square cat face coin purse/wallet
PU-80120   Square dog face coin purse/wallet
BT-10118   Starfish and seashell belly ring
NL-11605   Stranger Things pendant on silver chain
HR-16069   Stretch hair tie with pearls
TA-17264   Stretch pearl anklet with toe ring set
BA-12150   Stretch pearl bracelet with white flowers
MN-15135   Superman pendant necklace
MN-15092   Tan and black cord bracelet
BA-12467   Tan and brown ceramic bead bracelet with leaf charm
BA-12589   Tan cord bracelet with anchor charm
TA-17338   Tan crochet footwear (set of 2)
MN-15155   Tan prayer beads bracelet/necklace
BA-12433   Teal and gold beaded bracelet
BA-12544   Teal and green cord bracelet with charms
BA-12406   Teal CATS cord bracelet
BA-12408   Teal DOGS cord bracelet
ER-14627   Teal glitter post earrings
NL-11570   Teal pendant necklace with mermaid charm
PT-12112   Teal rhinestone pet collar with bell 11-13.5 inches
SG-18013   Teal sunglasses with black lens
PU-80053   Teal zippered bag
ER-14469   Thin black earrings
ER-14470   Thin gold earrings
NL-11616   Tiny Christmas tree pendant necklace
ER-14521   Tiny gold bee post earrings
BA-12642   Tiny gold heart cuff bracelet
ER-14530   Tiny rhinestone black spider post earrings
ER-14643   Tiny silver and gold butterfly earrings
ER-14520   Tiny silver bee post earrings
ER-14475   Tiny silver cat earrings
ER-14371   Tiny silver cat post earrings
ER-14403   Tiny silver cat post earrings
ER-14404   Tiny silver dog post earrings
ER-14501   tiny silver elephant post earrings
BA-12643   Tiny silver heart cuff bracelet
ER-14456   Tiny silver music note post earrings
ER-14581   Tiny silver pig earrings
ER-14639   Tiny silver shark earrings
MN-15006   Tommy gun pendant with black cord
TA-17296   Triple layered anklet with elephant and sun charms
TA-17307   Triple layered gold anklet
NL-11426   Triple layered gold chain necklace with black beads and leaves
NL-11427   Triple layered gold chain necklace with black beads and star
BA-12159   Triple layered pearl bracelet with rhinestones
NL-11428   Triple layered silver chain
NL-11425   Triple layered silver chain with blue beads and feather charm
NL-11454   Triple layered silver circles necklace
TA-17240   Triple strand gold anklet with blue beads
TA-17241   Triple strand gold anklet with white beads
NL-11459   Triple strand layered silver necklace with leaf/feather detail
TA-17273   Turquoise beaded anklet
ER-14424   Turquoise rhinestone earrings
HR-16061   Twist in hair pearls set of 12
HR-16060   Twist in hair rhinestones set of 12
PT-12152   Ugly Christmas sweater pet shirt - x-small
PT-12154   Ugly Christmas sweater pet shirt -medium
RA-13115   Vintage adjustable rhinestone ring
RA-13120   Vintage black stone ring size 8
RA-13272   Vintage bronze and blue rhinestone ring
BA-12152   Vintage charm bracelet
BA-12179   Vintage charm bracelet with pearl beads
BA-12183   Vintage charm bracelet with pink and yellow flowers
ER-14212   Vintage heart post earrings
RA-13321   Vintage leaf ring with blue rhinestone-size 6
RA-13322   Vintage leaf ring with red rhinestone-size 6
RA-13155   Vintage leopard ring size 7
ER-14195   Vintage pink post earrings
RA-13178   Vintage ring with white detail size 6
RA-13240   Vintage style pearl ring - size 6
NL-11286   Vintage white leaf statement necklace
ER-14504   Watermelon post earrings
HR-16014   Wavy black metal headband
HR-16042   Wavy rhinestone silver hairpin
PU-80044   Weave pattern blue wallet
MN-15093   White and black cord bracelet
ER-14560   White and black snowflake earrings
PU-80040   White and black wristlet/clutch purse with flowers
TA-17278   White and blue beaded foot jewelry
ER-14559   White and blue snowflake earrings
NL-11346   White and gold dog charm necklace
ER-14179   White and gold flower earrings
ER-14258   White and gold triangle rhinestone post earrings
RA-13132   White and gold vintage adjustable ring
BA-12654   White and gray cord bracelet with cross and infinity charm
TA-17285   White and pearl beaded foot jewelry (1 piece)
BA-12480   White and purple beaded bracelet
ER-14382   White and yellow flower earrings
HR-16088   White and yellow flower hair clip
PT-12142   White and yellow pet dress
ER-14397   White bead earrings with blue flowers
HR-16057   White braided beaded headband
ER-14571   White Christmas tree earrings
PT-12135   White collar with silver bones Large 15-19 inches
PT-12130   White collar with silver bones Medium 12-15.5 inches
PT-12125   White collar with silver bones Small 11-13.5 inches
PT-12120   White collar with silver bones X-Small 8-10.5 inches
BA-12294   White cord bracelet with charms
BA-12653   White cord bracelet with cross, infinity and faith
BA-12422   White cord bracelet with silver charms
BA-12013   White cuff bracelet with silver detail
ER-14449   White feather and wing earrings
ER-14194   White flower post earrings
SG-18017   White heart sunglasses with black lens
ER-14574   White irridescent glass teardrop earrings
NL-11696   White lace choker
NL-11488   White lace choker necklace
NL-11695   White lace choker with pearl
PT-12166   WHITE leather rhinestone pet collar 12-15 inches
PT-12164   WHITE leather rhinestone pet collar 9-12 inches
NL-11498   White multi strand felt choker
ER-14606   White oval post earrings
BA-12350   White punk bracelet with silver studs
BA-12264   White rhinestone cuff bracelet
SG-18024   White rimmed sunglasses with black lens
SG-18047   White rimmed sunglasses with silver detail
BT-10077   White shell bohemian belly ring
NL-11660   White simulated stone pendant necklace
NL-11698   White sparkly pendant necklace
ER-14427   White statement earrings
ER-14381   White statement earrings with rhinestones
SG-18015   White sunglasses with black lens
BA-12464   White tassel bracelet with zipper
ER-14603   White teardrop earrings
BA-12649   White unconditional love autism bracelet
ER-14294   White vintage earrings
PU-80092   White wallet/coin purse with blue whales
BA-12527   White wrap bracelet with rhinestones and tassel
NL-11582   Witch on broom pendant necklace
PT-12068   Yellow and black bumblebee pet socks - LARGE
PT-12061   Yellow and black bumblebee pet socks - MEDIUM
PT-12067   Yellow and black pet socks with face - LARGE
BT-10136   Yellow and brown sunflower belly ring
BT-10055   Yellow and red spike rubber belly ring
BT-10015   Yellow and white acrylic star belly ring
BT-10125   Yellow and white flower belly ring
BT-10011   Yellow and white heart acrylic belly ring
BT-10061   Yellow belly ring with white stripe
PT-12064   Yellow happy face pet socks - MEDIUM
PT-12054   Yellow happy face pet socks - SMALL
PT-12162   Yellow harness with wings and leash

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